As of: October 2019

There are some house rules of the hostel and some own rules that are supposed to make all visitors of the Nachtlichtcon feel well. Please read them carefully, as agreeing to these rules is a condition for your participation in the Con.

Most of the rules do not come from concrete incidents, but come from the team’s experience of other events. We reserve the right to exclude visitors from the event if they do not comply with these rules. In case of exclusion there is no right for compensation or refund of the ticket price. For minor violations, we reserve the right to make a warning and give the opportunity to leave the event independently. We reserve the right, in case of inappropriate cosplay, to ask the person in concern to change their costume again before they can enter the event. The decision whether a person disregards the rules is the responsibility of the Nachtlichtcon organisaton team (called “orga” or “orgateam” from here on).

These rules can change at any time before the event. It is therefore necessary to read them again before the visit.

The Nachtlicht Con is a closed private event. Tickets can only be bought in advance and are limited. With the purchase of the ticket the rules mentioned here are approved.

If some rules are unclear, please write to or ask one of the organizers on the day of the con.

Basic rules

The Nachtlich Con is an event for fans of My Little Pony of all ages. The Con should provide a great time for all visitors, regardless of age, gender or limitation. Please remember at all times to not shadow someone’s joy of the event.

  • Be respectful during a workshop or panel (if it takes place) and do not deliberately interrupt the moderator. Even if you want to say something important, please do not interrupt people, let them finish and then you can ask.
  • Please do not gather in front of the entrance area or in the stairwell of the convention room. The youth hostel lobby and event space provide seating.
  • Please take care to be considerate of the people around you. Loud screaming, for example, can have an annoying effect on children.
  • Clearly offensive language or gestures are to be omitted.
  • Participants aged 13 or under must be accompanied and supervised by an adult visitor.

Cosplay rules

All participants must consider whether their costume, their weapons or accessories are suitable for a family-friendly event with children. If you are worried that some part of your outfit will cause other people to feel bad or embarrassed, please leave it at home.

Any kind of real-looking weapons or obvious toy weapons are prohibited. Please check if your weapon is one of the prohibited items, then please leave it at home.

We do not want costumes at Nachtlicht Con that cover: Obscenities, Sexual Actions, Discrimination, Uniforms and Emblems, or Flags used in the context of crimes against humanity. Metal-studded soles must not be worn as they could damage the floor of the convention room.

Body Paint is not allowed. Facial painting is permitted as long as it can be ensured that no paint soils the furnishings of the convention room or the personal belongings of a trader / visitor. This also applies to colour or glitter, which can be rubbed off of a cosplay.

If you feel uncomfortable about a particular costume, please speak with an orga member.

Bring and buy rules

Anything that is related to My little Pony may be offered. A maximum of 10 articles may be sold. In this case, an article can also consist of several individual items (must be tied together / taped together or packed in a bag). Each article gets an exact name for later identification.

All items must be listed on the price list provided by Nachtlicht Con, but the item name must be unique. The items must be marked with a price tag. Lists and price tags can be picked up for free at the event at Bring and Buy. The list must be completed in full so that a withdrawal can be guaranteed. Price tags should be placed in such a way that they do not damage the item and do not come loose. An item without a price tag must be excluded from sale until the tag has surfaced or has been replaced.

The delivery and collection of items must take place during the opening hours of Bring and Buy. The list number must be known to pick up items. The sales charge is 10% of the revenue. The money is paid in cash and the receipt is confirmed by a signature. Upon submission, the list and the submitted items are compared. The seller must be present, otherwise his sales items will not be accepted.

Purchased articles are excluded from exchange and from a complaint. For disappeared / stolen goods no liability is assumed. The right to pay out the value of the goods does NOT exist! We take no responsibility for any adhesive residue or other damage.

The following articles may not be offered:

  • Articles whose sale is not permitted in Germany. This leads to the immediate exclusion from the event and a call to the police.
  • Any article that is offensive, violent, sexually suggestive, or suitable only for an adult audience.
  • Any items that are edible or drinkable.
  • Any items that can damage the venue, especially liquids that may leave stains.
  • Dangerous or illegal articles, for example:
    • Any kind of realistic imitation of a firearm
    • Airsoft or Paintball Guns
    • Toy rifles or pistols
    • Foam rifles or pistols (such as NERF pistols)
    • Bladed Items, this also includes pocket knives and Multitools that have a blade
    • laser pointer
    • Any items that are already classified as prohibited in the visitor rules

The decision as to whether an article may be offered at the event is up to the orga team.

Forbidden items

The following items are unfortunately not allowed to be taken:

  • Things that are larger than 1m (in all dimensions), except for bars, these may be up to 1.8m long
  • all unrealistic weapons or toy weapons, even if they belong to a cosplay
  • Any kind of realistic imitation of a firearm
  • Airsoft or Paintball Guns
  • Toy rifles or pistols
  • Foam rifles or pistols (such as NERF pistols)
  • water guns
  • Ammunition for airsoft weapons, paintball weapons, toy weapons or foam rifles / pistols
  • Gas bottles or gas-filled spray bottles
  • Rackets, paddles, clubs or other striking weapons, including hammers or baseball bats
  • Metal blade items no matter how sharp they are, including pocket knives and multitools with a blade
  • laser pointer
  • Functional and non-functional bows or crossbows
  • Slingshots or catapults
  • Objects with sharp edges or corners
  • Metal-studded shoes e.g. horseshoes
  • All other items that may not be carried by German law

Inline skates, roller skates, skateboards, scooters, hover boards and other similar vehicles are not allowed to be brought to Nachtlicht con. Wheelchairs and electric vehicles for people who are mobily restricted may be used.

Anyone taking forbidden items to Con will be prompted to leave the Con immediately. Depending on how the orga decides, the person can come back if they remove the corresponding item from the Con area. If there is a risk to the safety of visitors to the Con, the Orgateam reserves the right to call the police.

In certain circumstances, visitors may be allowed to bring items that are prohibited by law. These exceptions are agreed with the organization. Seeing someone bringing a prohibited item does not excuse someone else to bring something prohibited too. This still breaks the rules.

Photography and Video Rules

Photos and videos taken on the Nachtlicht Con are for personal, non-commercial use unless otherwise agreed. All the rules in this paragraph apply to both photographs and video recordings.

We know that some visitors want to document their visit to Con live with photographs or videos. We only ask you to photograph or film the people who would like to.

Please also ask sellers if you are allowed to take pictures of their booth.

If a visitor wants to see a picture that you have made of him, you must show it to him / her. If he / she wants to delete it, delete it. If you’ve made a video, the same applies. You may also agree with the person concerned that they will later be cut out.

Children may only be photographed with the consent of the parent or guardian.

If you enter the stage / presentation area in a competition, you have to expect to be photographed or filmed.

Some moderators of panels or workshops do not want to be filmed or photographed at their events. They will say this at the beginning of their program. Then photos or video recordings are prohibited. If they ask you afterwards to delete photos or videos, then delete them.

Photographers of Nachtlicht Con will document the event. The Orgateam reserves the right to publish pictures or videos to the press. The images can later be used as advertising for this or future events. Advertising can be printed as well as online.

The press and media can contact us regarding a visit .


No kind of insult or harassment is tolerated on the Nachtlicht con. Anyone who harasses another visitor will be excluded from the event. There is no compensation and no refund of the ticket price.

Harassment includes (but is not limited to):

  • Offensive or unwanted comments about appearance (including cosplay), gender, ethnicity, physical or mental health issues, or religion
  • Taking pictures or videos without the permission of the person
  • Intimidating or pursuing, this also involves the constant approach of another visitor, who has already made it clear that he does not want to be in contact
  • Inappropriate interruption of conversations or other events, especially if the organization or a moderator has already made it clear that they should stop
  • Any kind of unwanted physical contact

Participants who are asked to stop harassment must comply with this directly. If you feel annoyed or are watching someone being molested, talk to a helper or the orga.

Press rules

Members of the press must contact us and inform us why they want to visit Nachtlicht Con. We reserve the right to invite only selected representatives of the press. This permission can be revoked at any time, even during the event.

Press workers need a declaration of consent from the persons depicted for each photo or video.