We’re happy to announce the bring and buy!

Der bring and buy offers a possibility to sell ponies, accessoires or merchandise at the con without owning a booth. Our con team sells the goods for you while you’re enjoying the con. You can get your unsold articles back till the end of the con and get the profit of your sales. 10% of the profit remain at the con team. We’d like to use this money to finance another con.

Please take a look at the page ‘Visitor Rules‘ to get to know the rules of the bring and buy.

Download the bring and buy form here. The completed form has to be handed out to the bring and buy team. Every item has to be marked with a price tag. Price Tags must show the following information:
Sellers number – Item numer – price

You’ll get your Sellers number from the bring and buy team at the con. Missing forms or price tags will be handed out at the con for free.