We need a minimum of 3 participants for every contest. You can compete in more than one contest. Children are visitors up to 16 years. Please take your entry to the con and hand it out at the entrance or give it a staff member. The participation is for free.

Customs Kids

Open for all kinds of kids customs. For kids up to 16 years.

Art Kids

We’re looking for pictures drawn by kids up to 16 years. We’d love to see glimmer, colourful paper and fanciful motivs.

Art Adults

Show us your Art – whether it’s digitally or traditionally drawn. We’d love to see your pony pictures.

Topic: Ponies on tour

Custom Fantasy

In this category, all kinds of customs are allowed. We’d like to see your most beautiful custom.

Custom Alternate Rehair

Take a pony and only change it’s mane and tail – the rest stays as it is.

Custom Generation Mash Up

Give us a new interpretation of a pony – Use a character from one Generation (for example G1 Flutterbye) and take it to another generation (to G4 for example).

Kreativity Contest

You’re more into sewing, crochet oder other handcrafting? Then participate in this contest, where all kinds of handicraft is allowed.

Most Beautiful Booth

If you put much effort in your booth, we’d like to appreciate it. All vendors will be participating in this contest, except telling us, you don’t want to.