Hi, I’m Pina or Pinacolada. Long-time collector and for some time now known under Pina’s Precious, where I create tiny treasures in nutshells.

Anna Pommes

Hey there, i am Pommes, i like drawing and making stuff(ed friends). I have my focus on vintage and designer toys. Nice to meet you!


I’m Sonja and I’m collecting ponies since I was a child with my friend Flicksi. 16 years ago I startet working on my website and I guess I’ll never stop learning about ponies.


My name is Ona and I’m collecting since more than 10 years. I use to buy only few ponies so I can keep up the collecting fun as long as possible.

I’m FeFu, short for Feuerfunke. I’m in love for ponies since my childhood. As a teenager I was hiding all of my ponies in a huge sportsbag away from my mother. She told me I would be too old for them. My collection keeps growing since 1999 and occupies a whole attic in my parents house.