As of: November 2019

For the dealers, the visitor rules and some special dealer rules apply. Dealers and their helpers must adhere to the rules of the merchants. By applying as a dealer you agree with the following rules.

Details regarding the construction, the parking and other important information we can announce shortly before the beginning of the event. We will send you an e-mail as soon as we have all the information.

General rules

In addition to the above rules for visitors, the dealers must also follow the instructions of the organization regarding their booth.

If traders violate these rules permanently or to a particular extent, it may lead to a reprimand from the event without financial compensation. The Orgateam makes the final decision in this case.

Nachtlicht Con does not provide any information regarding the amount of visitors or the supposed profit for a dealer in advance. Merchants must purchase a ticket through the regular ticketing system that grants them the right to operate a booth.

The Orgateam tries to make sure that the setup is possible on the eve of the event. However, we have no security from the youth hostel. We will still make every effort to make this possible and inform you early on whether the eve can be used by the hour to build up.

The hostel offers limited underground parking spaces for a fee, these are open to all visitors. The street in front of the hostel has plenty of parking but is often overcrowded. The sidewalk in front of the hostel must not be used for loading and unloading.

Conditions for a booth

To apply for a booth (also referred below as a table), a dealer ticket must be created. It can be chosen between a half and a whole table. The table is assigned to the dealer by the Orgateam. The transfer of the stand to another dealer or the exchange of the tables is prohibited, as long as it was not discussed with the Orgateam before the start of the Con. The dealer ticket includes a visitor ticket in addition to the table, so every dealer counts as a visitor.


Most of the sales items should be related to My little Pony (minimum 80%). If further articles are offered, they should be interesting for the visitors and suitable for every age group.

The following articles may not be offered:

  • Articles whose sale is not permitted in Germany. This leads to the immediate exclusion from the event and a call to the police.
  • Any article that is offensive, violent, sexually suggestive, or suitable only for an adult audience.
  • Any items that are edible or drinkable.
  • Any items that can damage the venue, especially liquids that may leave stains.
  • Dangerous or illegal articles, for example:
    • Any kind of realistic imitation of a firearm
    • Airsoft or Paintball Guns
    • Toy rifles or pistols
    • Foam rifles or pistols (such as NERF pistols)
    • Bladed Items, this also includes pocket knives and Multitools that have a blade
    • laser pointer
    • Any items that are already classified as prohibited in the visitor rules

The decision as to whether an article may be offered at the event is up to the Orgateam

Dealer ticket

Each dealer ticket consists of the following components:

  • A table or a half table, the table size is 1,40m * 0,70m
  • 2 chairs per whole table, 1 chair at half a table
  • An A4 sign with the name of the dealer
  • A printed bag and an extra goodie bag
  • Earlier entry to the event for set-up

There is no separate ticket for stand helpers. Stand helpers can come in with a regular day ticket, you’re allowed to take one stand helper per booth.

We recommend bringing your own tablecloths or shelves, but they must not be set up in the corridor or on escape routes.

Please note the following:

  • We will try to distribute the tables in such a way that we meet all requirements (eg access to a power outlet). It is possible that not all requirements / wishes can be met.


  • Dealers must ensure that no build-up of their booth can endanger a visitor’s safety. It should not fall down or have sharp edges.
  • Nothing should be attached to the walls, floor or ceiling
  • Furniture must not be moved without consultation with the Orgateam
  • Articles may also be placed in front of the table as long as sufficient space is provided for visitors in the hallway. Roll banners and beach flags have to be set up behind the tables.
  • Any tripping hazards are not allowed.
  • The Orgateam has the right to ask the dealer to move items of his table to a different location if they pose a potential danger.
  • Traders may only use the power outlets assigned to them by the Orgateam.
  • If the Orgateam asks you to remove something from a power outlet, you must follow this instruction.
  • Electrical articles that are annoying (e.g. due to loud noises, light or vibrations) are not allowed.
  • Speakers are not allowed.
  • Electrical appliances intended for heat generation or cooling are not allowed.
  • In the event of a fire alarm, the building must be left quietly but quickly through the nearest emergency exit. Items of the dealer’s table should be left there to ensure a quick evacuation.

Registration and admission

  • All information regarding registration, entrance and parking will be sent to all dealers via e-mail shortly before the event.
  • Before set-up you must first be registered with the Orgateam.
  • The booth must be ready before the visitors enter. Please refrain from bringing in or out articles in larger quantities during the event.
  • You are responsible for transporting your items.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the table will be left as it was when the event ends. The Orgateam is not obliged to help you with the dismantling, but is certainly ready to support.

Security and liability

You are responsible for ensuring that no damage, loss or theft occurs at your booth. The Orgateam can not be held responsible. You are also responsible for your personal valuables. We recommend that your booth is always staffed and that you pay close attention to the cash register.


If you advertise the Nachtlicht Con within your own channels, please pay attention to the following conditions:

  • The event is named ‘Nachtlicht Con’
  • Link to our website ” “, not to our ticket shop
  • Do not make the impression that you are part of the Nachtlicht Con organization

Contacts and further information

Dealers can contact us under the e-mail address with the subject ‘dealer’.

Please contact the organization team for any questions about the event, and do not contact the hostel directly.

If you have any questions during the Nachtlicht con, the Orgateam is at your disposal.