On the opposite bank of the Rhine you can discover many sights of Düsseldorf. Just take the bus and train or walk 20 minutes over the Rheinkniebrücke and you’re almost in the old town.

From the bridge you go directly to the right to the Rhine Tower, there you can get a view over all of Düsseldorf and eat something in the restaurant. On the outside facade the Rhine Tower shows the time – do you know how to read it?

From the Rheinkniebrücke to the left, you pass directly on the banks of the Rhine. The Rhine promenade leads you past the water level clock, which not only shows the time, but also the current water level. Continue on to the Kasematten, where you can eat and drink comfortably with a view of container ships

A small tower marks the entrance to the longest bar in the world. The turret is the Maritime Museum and the longest bar in the world is a collection of various pubs, breweries and catering establishments.